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Four injured in Six Flags accident in California

Visiting an amusement park such as Six Flags is supposed to be fun. Anybody who gets on one of the rides expects it to be 100 percent safe at all times. Unfortunately, an accident at a Six Flags amusement park in California has people wondering what went wrong.

According to reports, four people were injured in an accident when a tree branch fell on the tracks of a roller coaster. Six Flags Magic Mountain, one of the most popular amusement parks in the world, was the scene of the accident. The four people were injured while riding on the Ninja roller coaster, with two of the people taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Government-initiated business litigation halts illegal activity

When California residents think of civil litigation, they may first consider the legal claims that come from physical damage or injuries suffered in car accidents, falls or other such events. In reality, personal injury comes in a variety of guises and can even be financial in nature. Some state and federal government agencies are stepping up to halt illegal mortgage relief activity that is hurting consumers, for example.

Since 2008, the Federal Trade Commission has brought actions against fraudulent relief schemes in 48 cases. The FTC isn't alone in its fight -- the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau joined the federal agency and other state organizations in what is called Operation Mis-Modification. The operation is targeting companies that prey on individuals who are in desperate mortgage situations.

Class action lawsuit claims Subaru failed to disclose oil issues

Many residents of California drive Subaru vehicles, especially those individual who enjoy venturing into more rural areas. While the traction of the Subaru all-wheel-drive is a common reason for ownership, a group of owners in another state have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that Subaru failed to notify consumers of a defect that causes excessive oil burning.

According to reports, Subaru of America did issue technical bulletins to service professionals at dealers. The bulletins recommended that service departments replace piston rings in Subaru cars that presented with excessive oil consumption. According to the lawsuit against the car maker, however, the service advisory did not completely address the problem.

Class action lawsuit filed in California

The National Football League has been dealing with multiple lawsuits lately that involve everything from concussions to the alleged illegal supplying of drugs to players.

Eight players who previously competed in the NFL have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that the league illegally supplied them with painkillers as a means of keeping them in the game. However, they were not made aware of the side effects of the medication or the severity of the injuries that were being covered up.

Consumers file class action against California insurance plan

In the current economic and political environment, many people are left with questions about their health care coverage. When individuals find a plan that meets their needs — both for health coverage and budget purposes — they are usually very happy. Reading the fine print and asking questions is essential to understanding health insurance benefits. A class action lawsuit filed against a California insurance provider claims the insurance company didn't do enough to inform policy-holders about benefits.

The lawsuit was filed against Anthem Blue Cross of California. The suit claims that the insurance company defrauded millions of enrollees because it mislead policy-holders about coverage under plans. Specifically, the suit claims that policy holders were not correctly informed about what hospitals and doctors would be covered under the plans.

Could car fires spark personal injury claims?

Residents of California are more than familiar with the dangers of fire, but one area many might not consider the impact of flames is in a vehicle. Certainly, some vehicles do catch fire following a collision, but the U.S. Fire Administration says only a small portion of vehicle fires each years are caused by accidents. Most vehicle fires, says the agency, are related to engine, tire or wiring malfunctions.

One car that's been in the news lately related to fires is the Tesla Model S. Several car fires have been reported in Model S vehicles, some of them occurring after <a href="http://www.girardikeese.com/Personal-Injury-Wrongful-Death/">accidents</a>. After two Model S cars caught fire following collisions with road debris, the manufacturer installed shielding to the vehicle underbodies to help prevent problems.

2 killed, 3 injured in Cajon Pass auto accident

When an auto accident occurs, no matter the location or the number of vehicles involved, the chance of injury or death is very real. While this does not always happen, there are times when multiple people are injured or killed. According to authorities, an auto accident in Cajon Pass killed two teens and injured three others. Reports state that a dump truck collided into the vehicle in which the five teens were in.

Investigators on the scene believe that the dump truck was traveling on the southbound off-ramp of I-15 when it collided with the vehicle moving west on Highway 138.

California highway shut down for 2 hours after fatal accident

No one wants to receive a call about a loved one who has been involved in an accident. Even so, tragedies occur on the road every day, and families are faced with a number of decisions when someone is lost to an accident. One of those decisions is whether or not to file a personal injury claim.

A lawsuit isn't the right choice for every family, but in many cases, a claim for compensation can help families move forward with life as they are able. In some cases, those lost in vehicle accidents leave behind dependents such as spouses and young children; compensations claims can cover immediate medical or funeral expenses, but they can also seek coverage future expenses or compensation for loss, pain and suffering.

California Surpreme Court rules on class action waivers

The California Supreme court recently issued a ruling in a case that involved class action waivers. Initial reports of the decision said that the benefit was on the side of employers, but analysis of the 70-page court ruling may indicate that there are benefits and disadvantages for both sides.

The legal matter began when an employee of a limousine company signed a waiver that bound employment-based claims under arbitration agreements. The agreement included a waiver on class actions. The employee later filed a lawsuit against the limousine company, alleging failure provide appropriate breaks, pay overtime and reimburse expenses associated with business. The employee alleged that the company was in violation of state labor codes.

Woman sues hospital for medical malpractice

A woman brought a lawsuit against Simi Valley Hospital for medical malpractice, claiming that she has been living in a nightmare for many years due to a mistake made during a bladder-support and standard hysterectomy surgery.

The woman was 56-years-old in 2007 when she checked into the hospital for the procedures. Three days after they took place, she went back to the hospital because she was in a great deal of pain. It was then that she was first told nothing was wrong. Hospital personnel sent her home to deal with the pain.

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